a splash of color for busy days (past and ahead)

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2d1efa037a389083432fce98278265f1my birthday is in a few days and although I try not to think of it as something special  it still gets to me every year… This year  I will NOT throw ANY kind of party (not even sorry party :P) and maybe it will go away quietly 🙂

However, I’ll take a day off  to make plans for this winter… some of them are very simple:

I will not have so much to do!

I will not take up so much work!

I will say no to more assignments!

I will spend less (or more wisely)

I will be more creative

I will go to the gym! (or start running sessions with M) 🙂

I will cook and do stuff for people I love and STOP eating junk and take away all the time

OK that’s all for now, fingers crossed I will  do at least a few of the above and I’ll be happy 🙂