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i want to go to a pic nic

    Sometimes I miss working from home! Today I hate the office, traffic, “must-do” lists. Today what I would like most is the time to pack a few goodies, take my other half and go out for a totally relaxing pic nic with a book, a chilled white wine, cool refreshments in ice buckets, fresh…

a book of pure heartbreak!

Ok I won’t share any spoilers but I really have to say that! This is a book of heartbreak and war and the tagline “Prepare to be hooked” couldn’t be more literal and accurate!!! It is a wretched painache, a constant battle of will (and power), a whirlwind of action, love, hate and passion. It has…

Book haul or what we’re reading in spring

Ο Μάιος ήταν ένας μήνας γεμάτος βιβλία  (μερικά τα διάβασα ήδη), το πιο τέλειο ξεκίνημα για ένα καλό καλοκαίρι 🙂 Κατέβασα 3 βιβλία που σκοπεύω να διαβάσω το Σαββατοκύριακο: It’s kind of a funny story (επιτέλους) by ned Vizzini Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenidis Στο μεταξύ διαβάζω πυρετωδώς το City…

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