Ok I won’t share any spoilers but I really have to say that! This is a book of heartbreak and war and the tagline “Prepare to be hooked” couldn’t be more literal and accurate!!! It is a wretched painache, a constant battle of will (and power), a whirlwind of action, love, hate and passion. It has everything anyone has ever loved in the Mortal Instruments series multiplied by 100!

Cassandra knows how to please her readers and is really torturing them with conflicting emotions from page one. I am only sharing a couple of snippets I liked so far to make you visualise what I’m talking about! I really can’t wait till the book comes out in Greece this autumn!!!COHF_cover


His smile was wistful. “Have you ever felt that your heart contained so much that it must surely break apart?”

Jace thought of Alec wounded in his lap, of Max still and white on the floor of the Accords Hall; he thought of Valentine, his arms around Jace as Jace’s blood soaked the sand underneath them. And lastly he thought of Clary: her sharp bravery that kept him safe, her sharper wit that kept him sane, the steadiness of her love.