“Two things are certain in life – death and taxes”

And very few things in life are both free and make your happy: D R E A M S is one of them. Inspired by Girl vs Globe‘s post on her bucket list and my birthday being tomorrow (omg I know!!!! I’m so depressed!!!) I decided to make a post about things I would love to do this year and promise myself to do at least some of them!!!!


1. Go on a trip! Walk on a cobblestone alley in Italy, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or anywhere really! Just to breath some different air, see some new things, forget about my work related stress, drink some wine and just relax!!!

2. Learn something new! I’ve always been a creative freak (not always successfully 😛 ) but I want to learn how to do something which will not only fulfill my creative streak but might lead to new things. Set up an indie boutique in London, maybe?

3. Live with less! It is not that difficult and I find it very satisfying to get rid of impulse buying and stocking up things I already have and never will use/wear. It makes you feel so light!

4. Keep up my good reading pace! Since this spring I have managed to find a few books I really liked and spent some beautiful relaxing afternoons and evenings (often late nights) reading, sipping my gin n’ tonics or lounging on my balcony (the few days when the wind allowed, in any case). This is simple and true happiness.

As you might have read in a previous post I discovered Forensic Archaeologist Ruth Galloway by Elly Griffiths and I loved her stories! I’d definitely recommend her to crime/mystery lovers!

seasendjacket (1)

5. Restart my Phd or take a new course – MA in Children’s Lit., BA in Pre-school education. Things that will keep me motivated and will perhaps open up new opportunities for the future.

6. Keep fighting for my translation business, looking for new ideas, new venues, new projects to feel passionate about. So much of our lives are about our job, day and night, when we’re present at the office and when we’re not so I’ll try my best to make it fulfilling and interesting. Never a dull day #i’dpromiseifIcould !

7. Make a difference. As I read of all those wonderful superwomen out there I really want to do something to help people around me, work for my community, mentor, write helpful articles or do actual work for those in need. Difficult times are ahead us, that is for sure.

8. Be in love! No need to say much about that, do I? 🙂


These might not be all but they are at least a few things that would make me smile, sleep well at night and enjoy my little time on this beautiful and unforgiving world. 

What about you? What about your dreams, wishes and aspirations? Do you get all hopeful on birthdays or depressed and sad?