Recession-friendly beachy things I guiltlessly love this summer!

Because they are simple everyday things that make me forget the nationwide stress, the economic crisis, the VAT increases, if only for a while.

1. My sunscreen (s) ! Scared of wrinkles, freckles, discolourments – guilty! If there were a higher than 50 SPF filter I’d wear it! I’ve tried this Vichy one but can’t say I’m 100% happy with it. A little on the heavy side for my skin I’d say. The Laroche-Pochay I had last year had great texture but I ended up with a few more freckles so bye-bye Laroche sunscreen (I <3 their other products, though).


2. Happy print swimsuit: who needs the perfect body when you have the most fun, uplifting, sexy bikini which makes you -and others- smile? Not me, apparently 😛


3. Books books and more books. In my reader, my mobile and in my bag I carry them with me 24/7.



4. My new obsession: my sketch pad! Yes, when I wrote in my birthday post Death and Taxes and my Birthday that I’d like to learn something new this year I meant it! I’ve purchased a 1,5 euro aquarelle block, a 6B soft pencil and an eraser and…. I enrolled in a Comics Crash Course (fingers crossed I’ll sit through all the tutorials) which is real fun because they send you the class video and you can take it whenever you like, with your coffee or with your daquiri, anytime!


Art-Classes-Fall-2012-Main-Landing-Page25. My boho summer scarf! Doubles as beach dress, evening scarf/pashmina, head turban, beach pillow! Not a bad deal 😛 From our friends’ shop Islands Jewellery!


6. Summer Eating! OK here’s something I enjoy all year long but in summer there are so many fresh healthy and delicious things to try!!!!!!!

summer eating

And in summer it is so much easier to have friends over for dinner.

Sometimes that’s the only therapy you need!!!

dinner with friends

And you? What are your favorite summer / beach-y things ? I’d love to know!!