I don’t pretend to be a super successful power model in life and business! On the contrary, I’ve had my own share of difficulties, challenges and hardships on the way. And from these I have collected a series of tips, mainly in order to help me get out of the next business crisis or down period….



Never give up your dream: if you know what you love, do not stop working towards it. Even if circumstances call for changes, change your ways, never your dream. Change your priorities, your time and money management, your short term goals maybe but not your chief goal, the difference you want to make in your life.



Discuss it and surround yourself with people who will understand you (or try to) and encourage you to find the solutions you seek. No-one will solve your problems for you but talking about them will help you think them over and maybe will offer a new insight at the issues you are having.


Think positive: your business is not failing after many years and loads of effort. You managed to create your own business from zero, nothing, scratch, nill and here you are! Companies don’t just thrive, they have their down times as well. Freelancers are not always flooded with work, and have you heard of the small business feast and famine model? Identify your business rhythm and make peace with it 🙂


Network: there are people like there like you, who are equally struggling or have overcome some difficulties and they can help you. It’s not always about asking for help, it’s about getting inspired to get back on track or maybe try a new way. Your industry’s support and success stories are  really good motivation as long as you do not compare yourself with others and feel even more helpless and dissappointed!


Αnd last but not least, WORK HARD. Yeah, it sounds obvious enough but believe me, when you are in the slump you have no motivation, no courage, no energy to lift your little finger and sweat it. Βut that’s exactly what you have to do. Take some time off, indulge in your misery for a while if you have to but then get up, shake your head and get on rocking. Because that’s the only way you’ll gonna be able to make anything!