road trip

I’ve been waiting for this trip so long (fingers crossed and double crossed)!

Its only a three hour drive but it really feels so nice to be able to put your foot on the accelerator and just… drive!


And the nature I’m going to see and feel will be so rewarding I really can’t wait to smell the earth and see the familiar places once again – I also hope I’ll see some rain!!!


Northern Greece is such an unspoiled area but it is also  underdeveloped which is so sad as the natural beauty of the place is unparalleled. Heavy rains, high mountains, green and orange fields that long so much for people to take care of them and fulfill their potential. At least they haven’t been spoiled by tourism and over-use, that’s the only good thing.


SOOOO I’m packing my warm clothes as the nights are chilly, my not so skinny jeans (as the food there is DE-LI-CI-OUS) and a couple of dressy items as we will be attending a traditional wedding!