I don’t know about you but I’m definitely a spring – summer – early autumn person! Anything but winter in any case 🙂 So now that spring is soooo close (even though the clouds outside my window don’t seem to know it yet) I’m all about plans and good vibes! Here’s 5 things that are on my list for this spring! What about you? Do you make plans in spring or do you just like to bask in sunlight and enjoy nature and the change of weather? Does it inspire you?

  1. Find some exercise routine! (Don’t laugh, I know this has been my autumn, New years and last year’s goal, too but I have to drill it to myself to make it happen!) My goal is: 2 evenings of jogging by the sea (sounds good) and 1 afternoon Aerial yoga! Have you tried it yet? It’s so FUN but a bit pricey so I’ll keep it to once a week! aerial yoga   aerial yoga1
  2. Explore and discover more of your city/area. I happen to live on an island which does not offer me many chances for road trips but still it is a wildly beautiful place, with lots of undiscovered (by me) places and spots! I’ve also launched an Instagram Account, Aegean Travellers with a girlfriend of mine where we post fab photos of Rhodes, Greece and the Aegean Islands! Check it out if you like, we always follow back!aegeantravellers
  3. Make your balcony a staycation paradise! We have a huge balcony but it is so windy up there we haven’t decorated at all! I’m looking into wind breaker options this year and I have great plans for it 🙂
  4. Become a morning person! Or try to wake up a little bit earlier. Even 15 minutes will make the difference between sipping your home-made espresso and getting some store bought drip.  home-espresso-machine
  5. Also, you will have those precious minutes to prepare something to take for lunch and not have to buy carb filled snacks (I tend to do that a lot if I’m hungry at the office) apple-cute-love-nature-pure-Favim.com-350074


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