I’m an inherently optimistic person and for the 10 times I fall down I will always get up 11 – here is a list of my favorite things to do when things don’t go as planned 🙂

Go to your favorite Chinese all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet

After all, you know what they say : “It’s better to be sorry for the things you did than for things you didn’t do”

shrimp noodles

Buy a lottery ticket for next week

And get a whole week of hope until you find out that you haven’t won (or maybe you won 10 euro – which makes you want to instantly buy a new one)

(This is a fantastically cheap method of creating endless false hopes)


Visit a bookstore

And feel surrounded by the greatest stories of the world. Pick up one of them to curl up with a cool drink or some ice cream later and shut everything out.

bookstore love

Do some yoga, pilates, trx, whatever works for you

Aerial yoga is my poison. After all, if you don’t see things differently when you are hanging upside down, you will never do 🙂

aerial yoga

Dress up!

To go to work, for a drink or just a walk around the city. Throw in some window shopping or (my favorite) shop some things for your home. Instant mood lifter 🙂

dress u[

Do a random act of kindness

Stop to let every pedestrian to cross the street if you are driving, tip the delivery boy, buy your friend a drink just because. Trust me it will make you feel better and it will come back to you some way or another.


Make your drinks and food beautiful 😉

Not only for Instagram, but for you! Prepare food that will make you smile when you set it on your plate and make your drinks look as yummy as they taste! Beauty is in the details after all!

What about you? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? What do you do when you feel you just can’t handle it? Any tips or ideas to add to this list?

keep your head up