By Georgia Efthymiopoulou

translation internship

As soon as you complete your University studies, professors and fellow students encourage you to do your internship, in order to “take a glimpse” in the job market of the profession for which the academic staff was preparing you. This was the main reason I decided to do my internship in translation last summer in the Foteini Moschi’s translation office “METAPHRASI”. 

By doing their internship, graduates – future professionals – have a chance to develop many professional skills which are required in their respective workplace and, in addition, they can expand their horizons and discover more career choices. In other words, it is an invaluable experience that helps students to “give the profession a try” in practice and not only in theory, as they already did in the University’s amphitheaters.  

translation internship

During the internship in translation, which usually lasts for two or three months, students test their limits; they learn to be responsible, to work and complete their translation asignments within the agreed deadline, to collaborate with their colleagues, and to use all necessary tools (e.g. CAT tools, websites, parallel texts etc.). Moreover, through an internship, students can discover aspects of their profession which they did not know or imagine and probably aspects which they couldn’t figure out only by attending the courses of their curriculum.

In addition, in this short period of time, the apprentices are requested to apply the knowledge and the skills that they obtained throughout their studies in the University. Finally, through this short period of time, they gain some work experience which can be added in their CV and help them to get their dream job in future.

Bearing in mind the above-mentioned, I believe that every graduate student should do his internship since it is an experience which has many benefits. Besides, through internship in translation, the student can meet new people and professionals who might inspire him to do what he/she really wants in future.

internship in translation

Thus, a simple summer proved to be a different summer for me, combining the beauty of the sea and the strolls under the hot sun with the experience of the internship which can influence and change the way of thinking of a future professional.