When it comes to business translation, it is important that you choose the best option for you and your company. It can be difficult to choose between language service providers so here are some tips for choosing depending on your needs, budget and goal:

Do some research in order to find the best translation company for you and keep in mind that, as in most industries, “you get what you pay for” so don’t choose only based on cost. Pay attention to communication, punctuality, processing time, credentials and experience, too.

business tips

Do not use machine translation for your business translation needs. Google translate and other translation machines can be efficient in short sentences or do get an idea what something means in another language but are not suitable for marketing material, or even descriptions of products and often make critical mistakes that might cost you in reputation and thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t trust a random person to sell your products, so why would you trust a machine to do it?

Make sure you know and communicate who your ideal customer is. You would want different language for marketing to teenagers than you would use selling to women in their thirties, moms, single parents or seasoned business men.

Plan your translation schedule in advance. If you are planning to launch a product before a major fair, for example, make sure you have your texts translated and proofread, way ahead of time. Or if your high-season is summer, and you have a hotel website, make sure you are ready before the first clients hit enter to search for deals and info!

Do you want to learn more about how to make your business more competitive in the international market? Get in touch and let us know what and when you want to translate and we will create a custom plan for your material!