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Minding the (linguistic) gap

Does your company need to reach the Greek market and gain new clients? Of course it does! And translation is the perfect means in order to bridge linguistic gaps and bring your content to the right audience. Maybe you are planning to buy property abroad and need to see exactly what you are buying (and all the contract terms). Or perhaps you are planning your destination wedding in Greece and need someone for your wedding documents translation.
Metaphrasi Translation Office has solutions to all the above, offering high quality translation, fast turnaround and two-level quality control by experienced and specialized translators.
Need your documents certified by a lawyer or want to discuss a specific project? Do get in touch!


Education and training certificates, public documents (birth certificates etc.) tax admin documents and certification by competent lawyers upon request.


We have translated more than 80 books for the larger Greek publishing houses - our portfolio includes famous authors such as Cassandra Clare, Anthony Horowitz, Jeff Kinney and more.


Help your company reach the global market and make your products available to a wide, international audience, speaking their language.


Translation is not the transfer of words only but also wordplay, country-specific notions and customization according to the audience, helping your message come across.


Our specialized team of legal translation consists of experienced translators, editors and lawyers, for any kind of legal text (contracts, lawsuits etc.).


Professional and confidential translation of financial and business documents such as tax income forms, balance sheets etc.


Are you in tourism business? We offer 100% accurate and reliable menu translation for hotels and restaurants, translation in Braille for the visually impaired and more solutions for your business needs.


Make sure the texts you print are 100% correct, the information you offer your clients is accurate and your previous translations are still correct. Quality control for all kinds of texts.


With our more than 15 years of experience in translation, we evaluate each project and assign it to the most suitable translator.


We respect each client’s individual needs and we treat each translation project with confidentiality, reliability and attention to detail.

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest translation services providers – for us, this means combining good time management with thorough quality control.


Our reliability proof is our 100% satisfied returning customers, who trust us for all their personal and business translation needs.

Words travel words. Translators do the driving. Anna Rusconi, Translator

How to begin your career in translation
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