crime novels

My favorite detectives!

DI John Rebus Featured in: Ian Rankin’s series taking place in and around Edinburgh. What I love about him: his quirky style, his taste in music, his reckless behaviour. His name! His accent 🙂 What I hate about him: his attitude to his ex-wife, Rhona, although he loves her, his stubbornness. DI Harry Hole Featured in:…

Books for my road trip

After the crash, Michel Bussi / Το κορίτσι της πτήσης 5403 22 Δεκεμβρίου 1980 Το αεροπλάνο που εκτελεί την πτήση 5403 πέφτει στα γαλλοελβετικά σύνορα και τυλίγεται στις φλόγες. 168 από τους 169 επιβάτες σκοτώνονται ακαριαία. Σώζεται μόνο ένα κοριτσάκι τριών μηνών. Δύο οικογένειες το διεκδικούν, και δεν υπάρχει τρόπος να διαπιστωθεί η ταυτότητά του….

Book of the weekend

I’ve read 3 Lars Kepler novels and I have to say The Fire Witness is by far my favorite! Take it on a plane with you and you will not lift your head once (OK maybe for refreshments)! Take it on the beach and I guarantee you will be Brown Sugar Babe by afternoon (remember…

Book of the weekend #1

A book I loved this weekend full of news, referendum updates and politics. Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves. I really like Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope and I enjoyed this more than Cleeves’ Shetland series. Dysfunctional low personal self-esteem but very efficient professionally detective, interesting characters, a decent plot and a nice setting. Add a relaxing Sunday…

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