Some of the best summer nights out are with shorts and t-shirts and beers at your local. However, summer is also known as the “wedding season”, aka the time when you have to plan your weekends depending on your friends’ weddings. These things should all take place in winter, when we would love some more socializing but no, as we live in Greece and summer is THE season for everything, they all have to be at the same time (sigh).

Anyway, as much as we love seeing our friends and partying, we don’t have the time (and money, to be honest) for different outfits everyweekend. So, when deadlines are more stressful than cellulite cream ads, there is only one solution: pinterest. Browse this treasury of looks which has the fantastic ability to remind you of the neglected dress you had shopped last year and never used, to help you give new life to your boring long skirt and even suggest fantastic combinations that recreate the freshest of looks… and all these by shopping your wardrobe!

Who would object to a break from translation/studying/working to study some fashion? You can even convince yourself you are saving time and energy (not to mention money) since you are not going for an actual shopping spree. Just remember to put your timer on (30 mins are a good frame), add some cold brew (I’m obsessed with this new trend) and let inspiration kick in!

I’m sure you have a long skirt or pants. Add a crop top and it is immediately updated!

crop top and skirt

Be bold! Remember that t-shirt you bought when you wanted a break from work and ended up in Zara? Pair it with an old skirt and voila: the most unconventional and trendy combination!

Jean + white t-shirt = love for ever. 

jeans and tshirt

How fucking romantic! What is more suitable for a summer evening or a beach wedding than a romantic dress? You can pair it both with sandals or flats.

romantic dress

Add a messy bun and you are GTG!

μεσσυ bun

If you are attending a wedding and have to shop for a present you can order a personalized gift for the happy couple or the baby, such as a personalized picture book or a baby blanket with a nursery song (or even the parents’ favorite band)

If you are single, don’t worry at all! There are plenty of How to guides online for surviving the wedding season such as this one from  Style me Pretty .

Disclaimer: I just wanted to let you know that I am currently translating The Crown by Kiera Cass so a little bit of fashion/lifestyle obsession is totally understandable, right?

Have fun my friends and remember, whatever you do, be your fabulous self!

the crown images