While I was translating the fourth book in the Selection series, The Heir, by Kiera Cass,  I have been listening to various tracks, depending on the mood of the book and the narrative pace. It really helps me create an atmosphere and I feel its a nice way for my translation will be in harmony with the original’s tune. Do you ever feel the need to do that?


As this book was filled buy melancholic inner monologue and post-adolescence frustration of a girl courted by 35 candidates to her heart and mostly takes place indoors, at the palace, I felt like listening to slow, romantic tunes – it helped that they didn’t break my concentration.

However, once in a while, when the action was at its fullest, and whenever I needed a break to clear my head, I’d put on more vibrant tracks, inspired by the trials and tribulations of young Eadlyn.

Here you can find some beautiful collections fans and readers have put together 🙂 Enjoy!!!

This one was perfect for the act before the grand finale! Great surprises here people!!!

And this one would go great for when Eadlyn is working with her Dad or the scene when she bursts in their shared bedroom only to find it empty….

the heir heir eadlyn