Sometimes I really need some me time with a (good) book, a  (crispy) glass of wine and a (hearty) bowl of something delicious to keep me company.

I can be very anxious at times with or without reason and I have found that this combination helps me relax and unwind.

So as I have been browsing for more books ( I already have Chuck Palahniuk’s Beautiful You but wanted some Plan B’ choices in case I finish it early) I also found some ridiculously delicious food things (lol) to try! My wine is already chilling at home, patiently waiting for me 🙂


reading and wine.jpg

You can find some of my favorite foods at my Pinterest Taste Buds board. Attention: Danger of serious food envy and immediate feeling of hunger!

curry soup.jpg

How about you? How do you unwind after a long and stressing day?