Being a solo-preneur is hard and not only due to the amount of work one has to shoulder but also because it makes it extremely difficult to take some time off from work to relax and think clearly about the business’ next steps and/or changes. Freelancers are constantly worried about work: deadlines when they are busy and famine when they are not. So what about taking some time off without the guilt of falling back on business issues? How? By enrolling on a summer course.

summer school

The most important advantage is that a summer training course combines change of scenery (i.e. instant mood lift and relaxation) with learning and professional development. 

The drawback would be that one might fall behind in running projects but most of summer school programms allow for a lot of free time, in which certain tasks could definitely be tackled.

The advantages are so many I could write all night but let me list here just 10:

Develop professional skills

You can learn a specific new tool for your industry, explore a topic you know little about or even perfect something you already know.

Gain insight in the industry

Learn about new developments, techniques, suppliers, methods, future predictions and more from people who are in your field but in different places,

Increased self-confidence

Perhaps you will feel confident about what you already know or you will gain enough expertise to return to your everyday tasks feeling stronger, with more insight and awareness about your job and industry.


Develop language skills

If the summer school or program is in another language, you get the additional bonus of honing your language skills 🙂

Tend to your specific educational needs

If you have identified a market need which you are not very sure about and need to gain more knowledge, this is your opportunity. Spend a few weeks focusing on a specific issue and become an expert!

Study in a famous international city

Have you studied abroad or have you spent your university years at (or near) your home town? This is a wonderful opportunity to feel the university life and get to know a beautiful and definitely vivid city.

cambridge1Make new friends

University and training programs are full of people with different personalities and extremely interesting backgrounds and ideas. Make them your friends and broaden your horizons.

5629ef647c7adFind inspiration

Summer schools tend to include various activities in their schedules, from training focused workshops to side events and interesting lectures. Open your eyes and listen to anything and anyone that might inspire you!

Career advantages – networking

You will get to meet a lot of interesting people and make connections: from professors to lecturers and secretaries to peers to professionals – it is your chance to see how everything is an opportunity for growth and networking.


An impressive CV

Knowledge, professional development and commitment are traits all future employers would acknowledge and appreciate so make sure you rock this CV 🙂

And among all these, of course:

Have lots of fun

You will be in a new environment, in a new city, maybe even a new continent! Make the most out of it, explore, wander, visit museums and sights, or join courses in local cooking! Remember you are doing this for you!

summer school

What do you think? Would you enroll in a summer school? I did myself a winter course in German language some years ago and I can assure you it was a fantastic experience! I’d definitely do it again!