Summer might not be full on here yet but I’m in a summer mood and I have set forth a couple of resolutions for this summer – don’t worry, I’ll add more soon so that I won’t have to admit that i failed them all in September 😛

My no 1 resolution this summer is: TO BE HAPPY

I went to a fantastic workshop in May with this lovely coach, Virginie and I’m looking forward to the next one (hopefully in September). It was called “Ordering from the cosmic kitchen” and it was all about defining your goals and getting in the right mindset to achieve them.


I don’t want to be like people who wait all year for summer, all week for Friday, all their lives for… what?

summer unicorn

I want this summer to be different! As in alternative different. I want to do new things and get out of my comfort zone. Believe me it is very difficult when you live on an island. There are only so many things you can do.



So, I have started a new venture with a friend of mine, a travel blog called Aegean Travellers. We were inspired by women travelers who go all around the world and have fantastic experiences. Now, we might not have the financial ability or the privilege of being able to leave our work behind for long periods of time so we thought why not explore everything on our island and at the same time give people the opportunity to discover it like locals? So when we found our niche it was easy to envision our concept: Discover Rhodes and the Aegean Islands like a local!


Take a look and let us know what you think!!! I’m sure there are some glitches technical-wise but it is a work in progress 🙂 You can also find us on Instagram @aegeantravellers

aegean travellers instagram


And then I want to get back on track with my reading (I’m many books behind on my GR challenge but I’m working to eliminate the gap 😛 )

reading list

Also, I want to have the most fantastic birthday party this year ( I usually spend it moaning about my age haha)

beach party

And to eat healthier! (bye bye burgers, hello Quinoa salad)


quinoa salad

This actually looks pretty good. So, who knows, maybe i’ll be able to tackle those goals after all 🙂

That is for now! I’m sure I will add some more as the summer works on my tan and mood 🙂

What about you? Any serious (or just fun) goals for this summer? Let’s compare and motivate each other! 😉 😉