One of the major advantages of being a freelancer is the ability to work from wherever you want! Give us a laptop and an internet connection and off we go! A beach, a park, a cafeteria, a roof garden, a cruise ship to the other side of the world! Of course, not all of us have the capacity of taking some time off every now and then so what is more convenient (and guilt-free) than a short course abroad, to enhance our skills and visit new places at the same time?

Here’s a few interesting places to begin searching for your ideal short course depending on your work and preferences.

Better Copyediting-Subediting – London, £380.00 might be a lot for just one day though. There’s much interesting stuff on this website, check it out.

Russian for beginners – Why not add a new language to your working expertise? 1:1 courses start all year round.

Beginners’ Creative Writing @ Mary Ward College – Monday only lessons, logical pricing, lots of free time for work and sightseeing.

Writing for Children @ London City University – very creative

and interesting course, in a very respectable institute and a metropolitan city. You can translate at Hyde Park when not in class!
…and then, if you want to learn how to publish this book you wrote – Publishing at City of Bath College. This is also for publishing your blog or e-book and I’m sure many of you will find it very interesting! Bath’s a lovely city and has a great university.

Or for portuguese speakers only, i’m afraid, i fyou want to spend 1000 euro for a week in Portugal to study translation English<>Portuguese.

If you know or want to learn Russian, you can also visit Moscow for a Foreign Languages for Professional Use seminar (modules on translation in English and Spanish). Exotic but coooold!

Summer in the Mediterranean – for all those Med lovers. So pricey that i think it would be better to pay for a vacation, though!

So, would you really do it and leave for a short time or is it just a dream to keep you sane when deadlines are pressing hot?