clean eating

Every year we make resolutions that we keep for as long as the end of January (maybe less) only to remember them again around June (should’ve kept that gym membership) and once again before the end of the year – I have written myself many articles titled My best moments from 2015 (or more accurately What I wished I’d done instead if you read between the lines… )

so why do we keep making these promises to ourselves? Do we enjoy punishing ourselves when we realize we didn’t lose that extra pound or didn’t read as many books as we intended because we were busy doing other things? Which happen to be our life, too? Well I don’t know about most people! But I keep making them because:

a) they are fun! 

b) they make you feel you could do anything you like (although, who am I kidding when I write I’ll take at least one team sport this year?)

c) they really motivate you (well, sometimes, at least) – it’s always easier to do something when you have set an actual goal, it makes it (a little) bit more difficult to slump and procrastinate, and it gives you a thing to aim for when you are at your lowest.

tip: make sure to squeeze a few actually realistic goals, such as eat less processed foods or drink more fresh juices if only to feel that you’ve at least succeeded in some of your goals and spare yourself some guilt and loathing at the end of the year. 

Μy 2016 motivation mantras are:

  • Look forward and work hard for your goals
  • Leave  anything that doesn’t make you happy behind
  • Don’t devote time nor energy to people that treat you like you are ordinary!
  • Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle
  • Believe in yourself and take courage and inspiration from all the things you have already achieved! Remember: nothing was ever given freely to you. You are the designer of your own course in life.