This is a list of a few publications that caught  my eye recently – some of them have already found their way to my mailbox (Oh, the joy of the paper package waiting for you outside your door!!!!)

Yes, I know e-books are easier to get, cheaper, paperfree etc, BUT. But. You can’t have your coffee (very) close, in case it spills, you have to have your battery charger handy and after all, this is the topic of another post and I will write it soon.

So, here’s some of the things I found interesting:

Call the Midwife; a true story of the East End in the 50’s, by Jennifer Worth

A BBC tie-in about life in the East End in the 50’s focusing on the young ladies trained to be midwifes, the orphan girls forced to go to work for rich yet cunning families. The author tried to write in cockney and I’d love to see what she did with it. Some reviews speak very positively of her “witty” prose, while some others condemn it as superficial.

On the same or similar topic,

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

Saw the movie and i’d love to read the book. Jackson, Mississipi seems such a colorful place to live – and write in.

And my favorite, fabulous, fantastic, can’t wait to get my hands on:

London  Calling, by Barry Miles

(I’ll get it!)

Just what I need for some wonderful time travelling!Oh, I will walk on the streets of good ol’ Smoke soon! Till then, give me some pages and give me some music.