DAY OFF. Time out. Call in sick.  We all need a little break (from work, stress, reality in general!).  I have found that I am too busy this summer to take an official holiday but I will “steal” a few weekends for myself. And clear my head for the days ahead (pun not intended).  Just a couple of days in order to get rid of the oh-god-i’m-not-working-on-a-saturday guilt.  Don’t you get it sometimes? Are you, too, so focused on your work and schedule, with all those arrangements and deadlines that you feel guilty when you so much as take a short window-shopping break or read a book for pleasure instead of mind-broadening enterpreneurship manuals? Well I’ll make sure to do some more thinking on efficient time-management, delegating and outsourcing during my short break! And OK, I intend to have some serious fun, too!!!!