A few months ago I decided to leave my wordpress.com blog and move to the self hosted blog, metaphrasi.gr/blog  (hosted in wordpress.org). This change was mainly due to my love for visual stuff (I was determined to have the Linkwithin widget -or more correctly, plugin- which could only be installed in self-hosted blogs ) and also because, after discussing it with some fellow translators, it seemed more professional. 

However, what I found out after the move, was that the new platform (wordpress.org) allowed very little place for interaction with other blogs and bloggers. I couldn’t “like” wordpress.com articles. I couldn’t link back to my blog with my profile as I had to be logged in both to wordpress.com and wordpress.org. I had to do coding if I wanted changes, which I don’t know how to do. 

A couple of days ago my site administrator realised that a bunch of hackers had intruded in the server and it’s been some days now that I can’t use nor see my blog and site. Eventually it will come back but perhaps this is the time to go back to the ol’ simple wordpress.com?

Have you ever had similar dilemmas or faced a similar situation? And which do you think is best? I like showcasing my content but I love some networking, too!