1. Deadlines


Because you know you can’t work if everyone is on the beach and you keep dreaming of mojitos and tan lines. NOTHING MAKES ME MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN THE LAST MINUTE is probably my summer mantra and I’m not ashamed of it! I need to be super focused to work!

2. Coffee

To wake up in the morning, to get a fix at midday, to stay alert on the afternoon and to stay… away from alcohol if you have still work to do in the evening. Gin and tonic with lots of ice or just a chilled glass of white on the balcony – I struggle to keep these evil thoughts away when I’m on my desk sweating with a book translation!

3. Lots of fruit

Reason? See above! Plus, they are good for you even if you would rather murder a chocolate cake with ice cream between projects.

4. Time off!

To recharge batteries, feel human again, convince yourself you’d rather be working than lounging on that sunbed doing nothing at all. Yes, you need some time off in order to be able to go back yo work with a clear head and to be more productive.

5. Motivation

Because you have to remind yourself that you love your work and enjoy doing it and as an extra bonus it will bring you the money to go to that travel on your bucket list / buy something you have been eyeing for your boyfriend/girlfriend / or just simply enjoy a day off next week.


If you have any more tips for staying on track during the summer please share the wisdom!!!