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August is a fine month for freelancers as we are able to work on our own rhythm and squeeze some time-off in between. Work is usually slow and if you manage to work Monday to Thursday you can reward yourself with taking the day off on Friday. I never do, however; it seems that there’s always things to do on Fridays!

But you can indulge in getting up a little later than usual, and arrive at the office at 10 instead of 9 😉 That’s my favorite routine!!!

A typical summer day in my life as a freelance translator consists of the following (mainly but not exclusively):

Morning: Coffee and breakfast at home


Office hours: Deliver documents, schedule new projects, make phone calls, send e-mails, make/request payments, send invoices, translate.

Karson Butler Open House, December 12, 2012

Lunch: A fruit in the office, or (more) coffee and a snack


Midday: Cooking! I love this part of the day as it tends to help me unwind and leave work behind. Something quick and easy usually: pasta, chicken fillet, salads etc.

Afternoon: Coffee and making plans for my business, networking, diy-ing or more translation work from home.

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Evening: I have just re-started my jogging routine and it feels great! I feel like I’ve been glued on my office chair for so long!!!

The view from one of my routes:

beach rhodes

Nighty-night: a drink with friends or just a bath, a good book or a movie. Life’s small pleasures!


What about you? Is your workday different and how? I’d love to hear 🙂