Or how can you stay healthy when you are stuck in the office all day….

Translators  are always struggling with a deadline, have tons of e-mails to answer, and literally live off their office chair and desks. But what happens when they get sick? They can’t even get a day off! Why then do not we take better care of ourselves? Sometimes we  have so many things to do that we forget to take care of the most important thing of all: our health. 

I’ve been feeling that I’m not eating very well lately – as in quality, NOT in quantity 😉 – and I have started having almost daily stomach aches. I consulted the most available but worst doctor ever (aka The Internet) and thought I would eliminate all un-healthy eating habits, stress related factors etc and then, if the problem persists, I’ll visit a real doctor.

It was in my September bucket list anyway so I HAVE to stick to it.

Sooooooooo… How can someone eat healthy when they’re at work translating (or working in an office in general) all day?

  1. Change eating habits.

I found a nice healthy eating challenge and I’ll try to follow it (and improvise a lot of course).

enhanced-15996-1430147825-172. Eat healthy snacks

I’ve pinned a few healthy make-ahead snacks to take with me at work because, if I don’t, I end up eating nothing at all or some store bought carb filled snack.

healthy snacks

healthy snack

3. Drink more water

drink water

4. Make it fun

Mason jar salads are a fun way to take your salad with you and are very convenient to carry and to refrigerate. Just mix them beforehand, I know they look nicer in layers but you want to eat a salad not some lettuce, then some tomato and then some corn 😛


5. Get up and walk every 1 hour

Get up to go to the bathroom, to wash that coffee mug, anything, really. Your legs, your eyes, your hands, your head will thank you! Just for a couple of minutes, give them the chance to work a little bit!


I know these are just the basics but you have to start somewhere, don’t we all?

Are there any other things you use to stay healthier – and happier – at work??? Please save us all and share some tips!!!