If there were 5 things you could choose from the thousands of experiences London has to offer…. what would they be?

For me, it is different each time: when I was studying there I would have chosen different things, in Spring I would prefer others and in winter my choices would come out completely different! It also depends on my mood. I just spent 3 days in London and I could say that my favorite things this time were:

  1. Carnaby street: The small indie shops, the happy Christmas lights and the fabulous, heartwarming atmosphere! carnaby street lights

  2. Bookshops: I really like indie bookshops and I was very sad because I didn’t have much time to browse and explore them properly! I spotted a few impressive Waterstones windows though and picked up a couple of nice magazines from WHSmith 😉Oxford bookshop

  3. Food for the soul: Hearty soups, pies and the best breakfast ever!

  4. Cupcakes: from Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill, Harrods or Fortnum & Mason, I just <3 Love <3 cupcakes! Red velvet and Gingerbread were my favorite this time 🙂 cupcakes

  5. The country: autumn leaves and ombre trees just make my heart swell with happiness!


London is always a beautiful place and it really has to offer whatever your heart is seeking: shopping, relaxing, dining, day trips. My trip wasn’t the relaxing strolling about I was planning but I choose to remember the cool things I did and saw and not the anxiety and anger from the Paris attacks and recent terrorism. 

What about you? Is there anything that you almost always do when in London or are there things you’re 100% positive that make your Top 5 all the time?