christmas office

1. Make a list and order your Christmas cards

2. Inform your colleagues for the days you plan to be out of office

3. Finish any deadlines

4. Prepare your out of office Autoreply

5. Make a to-do list for the first day(s) back to the office. You will be feeling a little out of it even if you only close for Christmas Day or New Years.

6. Plan for the new year (Get the Island Diaries Planner here)

7. Rehearse your elevator quote: be ready when distant relatives ask you what you do all day over cranberry sauce.

8. Think about CPD and Meeting fellow translators: Enroll in a conference for next year why not the NETTT Conference in Rhodes in September 2020?

9. Get in the Holiday Spirit! Decorate your office, add a gingerbread man to your e-mail signature, or your website.

And remember that the holidays is the best time to celebrate your freelancer status. You have worked hard to acquire professional independence and you deserve your days off! And isn’t it nice to be able to choose when to take them?
From the team of Metaphrasi Translation, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
holiday cheer