This has been a hectic week full of legal and various document translations, many language combinations and many different types of jobs.

 I’m still working on Saturday but I’m taking some evenings off to relax in my garden sipping mojitos, or chilled white wine 

Image (I’m reading Ian Rankin at the moment where they are always sipping chilled Chablis and some or other  ’68 vintage wine and I’m really in the mood for a nice chilly white wine. A welcome change from the gastronomic “delights” mentioned in Game of Thrones, my previous reading fix).

In fact, I have even come accross a  book with Game of Thrones – inspired recipes, called A Feast  of Ice and Fire, and the authors’ blog, The Inn at the Crossroads! A nice idea, even though most of the dishes mentioned in the book are very  “unbecoming” as Martin might have said. After all, who would eat  “Leche of Brown” and wash  it down with warm ale for breakfast???