When translating fashion, you can’t help but browse fashion magazines, webpages, online stores et cetera – and you definitely can’t help enjoying it!!! Behind the lines, though, you have to be aware of the very quirky writing (usually), laconic phrases and the constant references to designers, types of shoes/vests/textiles – the latter are extremely difficult to pinpoint and translate, as esp. in Greek most of these words are not translatable and used as is (eg. chiffon, jersey, tie-dye and many more). You can’t miss hints in fashion trends, and have to be aware of the numerous connotations. In a multicolored world, a universe where there are even things such as a fashion forecast  and a global Color Intelligence you can’t be too cautious.

 In fashion, what is left unsaid counts, too!

Jazz in the present tense

Before it all went wrong

Battle of the broken hearts

No regrets!

All you need is love

Rive Gauche, Rio

All images are via lookbook and the georgous fashionista is Flavia – her blog is http://fashioncoolture.com.br/