We’ve all seen lovely pics and read posts about coffee, tea + a book (remember the Coffee and Books tag earlier this year?). I am guilty myself of posting many of those photos in my Insta account 🙂 I’ve even created the hashtag #booksnbites to record my obsession with good food, coffee and books. What we do not see often, however, is books paired with drinks and cocktails and I think it’s high time we improved this sad fact.

Reading goes beautifully with sipping lovely drinks or cocktails and listening to music so here’s a few of my favorite combinations:

  1. Crime Fiction, Scottish fiction – Gin and tonic

Ian Rankin’s Detective Rebus, Ann Cleeves’ Shetland stories or Vera Stanhope’s mysteries, my recent discovery Elly Griffiths’ Norfolk Forensic Archaeology series, Jo Nesbo, James Patterson, Camilla Lackberg all go perfectly well with a nice Hendricks and Tonic or Bulldog with soda! Straight and pure, like crime (ugh that was creepy!). Like chilly Scandinavian winters (better?)


Accessories to murder:


2. Adventure in Mediterranean countries, French mystery fiction, – Crispy white wine.


wine and books

3. Contemporary Fiction – Aged Rum

I’m talking of something along the lines of Toni Morrison or Haruki Murakami (I haven’t really warmed to contemporary Americans like Franzen, Pynchon etc),Carlos Ruiz Zaffon, Hanna Kent who was very succesful in Greece this year, or this brilliant author I read last year:

ketil-bjornstad to potami

4. Classics such as Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, – Classic lime daquiri or if you are feeling crafty, Hemingway Daquiries (the best!!)

classic daquiri


5. Light readingCosmopolitans

chick lit

Sophie Kinsella, Bridget Jones diary… or whatever your guilty reading pleasure is… add more guilt with a perfectly shaken cosmopolitan!

cosmopolitan cocktail

Speaking of guilty pleasures, this post was written listening to The Smiths Best of

Am I forgetting something very crucial? Or would you rather make a different combination? Let me know! And if you Insta, lets hashtag our creations with #booksandcocktails shall we? 🙂