Quitting your day job and going freelance or starting your own business is all the rave nowadays 


 But what if you already have a job you love -but a routine you hate- and you want to transform your worklife without actually quitting ?

transform your worklife

First of all, try to change your working environment for a few days – there are so many things you can do from your phone:

things you can do from your phone
  1. Answer e-mails

2. Send offers or invoices (Accounting software such as Wave or Project Managing software such as LSP Expert are definitely an investment)

3. Send follow up on old projects or a review form.

In fact I wrote this article while in my favourite salon, which in addition to great services offers super fast WiFi and I get a whole hour to myself #precious.

work life

Write blog posts or Instagram stories.

 It will help you take a step back and re-evaluate some things and see your daily routine from the outside for a change.

Take some time off 

Read something inspirational, or just for pleasure. It will help you take your mind off things and explore new perspectives.

transform your work life

Outsource more

It is sometimes worth the time and money spent to outsource projects in order to gain time for you and do whatever makes you more happy at work. It helps with feeling more content in your daily work life, fulfilled and successful.

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What do you think? Any other ideas how we can transform our work life without actually quitting our job?