A Holistic Approach

(Not another meditating prompt)

Think of your day as a total of not only everything you do but also everything you consume. This means: food, drinks, conversations, music, podcasts, books… to name just a few. And something that you should take some time to consider is do all or any of the above add to your wellness and bring you positive feelings or not? What can you erase or add in order to feel more balanced and healthier?

Also, is your daily routine a happy one or do you surround yourself with an aura of negativity by complaining about your long hours at work, your poor diet, less of exercise etc?

Some tips that you can follow to have a healthier relationship with work are:

wellness for translators


Do not make hasty, radical changes but try to incorporate healthier habits gradually in your daily routine. It is easier to stick to a healthier choice if it becomes a routine than if it is introduced as a drastic and immense change to your schedule.


Avoid feeling chronically stressed and take small breaks to truly look around you and feel, listen, taste the world around you. Your lunch break, your walk to/from work, your workout could be such daily doses of mindfulness that will help you feel calmer and more in control with your life.

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Think of your work as something that liberates you and enables you to achieve many things as a person, that enhances your career and of course, supports you financially. If you make it a chore, it will drain you and burn you out in no time.

wellness for translators

So do not fall in the trap of a vicious circle by thinking negative thoughts, trash-talking to yourself or bad-mouthing your work and life habits to your friends and colleagues – it will only create a negativity vibe around you. Wellness for translators might be more simple than you think!

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