On A July Monday

image via  Libraries gave us power Then work came and made us free What price now for a shallow piece of dignity …. We don’t talk about love we only want to get drunk And we are not allowed to spend As we are told that this is the end Manic Street Preachers, A design…

Take me somewhere nice!

Our new issue is out now!   Featuring interesting and colorful articles on tourism, travel destination, contemporary affairs and many more such as….. an article on the importance of the small island of Kastelorizo, by Prof. Nikos Lygeros: An article on how bicycles have… evaded our streets -and lives by E. Bosmos: Cuisine with delicious…

Leonard Cohen meets Robert Frost

Some times the most seemingly unrelated things entwine in your brain like one big colorful tangle you can no way make out. It happens with song lyrics, poems, even ad jingles or these gross Jumbo ads that play on the radio all the time, like a brain deja-pense (thought equivalent to deja-vu) that tumbles in…

summer wasting

how I wish, how I wish you here here, in my office, sweet little swimming pool and porch. I could work from that chaise longue with my mojito in hand…. And I could read my books for review, edit my translations from this nook right here! images via

Καλή εβδομάδα με ένα ποίημα

……..ένα ωραίο ποίημα για καλή εβδομάδα! Ξεκινάμε ανάλαφροι, καθώς η γύρη που ταξιδεύει στον άνεμο. Γρήγορα πέφτουμε στο χώμα ρίχνουμε ρίζες, ρίχνουμε κλαδιά γινόμαστε δέντρα που διψούν για ουρανό κι όλο αρπαζόμαστε με δύναμη απ’ τη γη. Μας βρίσκουν τ’ ατέλειωτα καλοκαίρια τα μεγάλα κύματα. Οι άνεμοι, τα νερά παίρνουν τα φύλλα μας. Αργότερα πλακώνουν…

Translating With Music

Translation is undeniably a type of mind labor that calls for focus and miminum distractions. This is why i find it astonishingly difficult to work in cafeterias and other outdoor places -even my own home, with… my full fridge, my books, and the laundry- for  more than a few hours. Everything can be distracting in…

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