10 tips for going back to work without feeling that life has ended 😉

  1. Get a nice planner or notebook that will help you feel inspired.
  2. Park a little further and take some time to walk and look around you.
  3. Pack something healthy for lunch (it will make you feel that you are doing something good for yourself – and will be healthier and cost-effective).
  4. Print out some nice images to stick to your planner or desk or Download an inspirational background for your screen.
  5. Read our 5 easy productivity tips for freelancers!
  6. Create a positive quotes board on Pinterest to read every time you feel stuck and uninspired.
  7. Workout! If you can’t or don’t want to, try no #2 from this list and walk a little in the morning or climb the stairs instead of taking the lift.
  8. Think of all the nice summer memories that you created – it will fill you with warm feelings and will help you go to the meeting with uplifted spirits.
  9. Learn something new – after all this is “back to school” season!
  10. Treat yourself! Make it a habit of doing something nice for yourself every Friday – a nice bath, a take-out, a movie, some time to read your favorite book or listen to music undisturbed. You deserve it!

How are you coping with going back to work? My maternity leave has just ended and I have mixed feelings, as I guess all moms do: guilt for leaving my children behind, anxiety about work, but also an excitement and eagerness to get out to the field again!